WISS error during the onbar backup with ISM

WISS error during the onbar backup with ISM


Solution for WISS error during the onbar backup with ISM.


Following an operating system crash or the installation of an operating system patch, IBM Informix Storage Manager (ISM) fails to start and the following error appears in the daemon.log:

09/02/02 07:38:18 nsrd: server notice: started
09/02/02 07:38:19 nsrexecd: Can’t initialize
                   configuration file
09/02/02 07:38:19 nsrexecd: SYSTEM error, resource
                   file /nsr/res/nsrla.res already
                   in use; check for another copy of
                   this server already running
09/02/02 07:38:19 nsrexecd: error initializing
                   resource file.
09/02/02 07:38:19 nsrmmdbd: error adding btrees to
                   ss (an invalid slot number)
09/02/02 07:38:19 nsrmmdbd: WISS error, an invalid
                   slot number
09/02/02 07:38:19 nsrd: unable to start nsrmmdbd
09/02/02 07:38:19 nsrd: shutting down
09/02/02 07:38:19 nsrd: successful shutdown


Corruption in the INFORMIX Storage Manager (ISM) nsrmmdbd database causes the WISS error.

The following situations can cause corruption in the ISM nsrmmdbd database:

1. ISM process exits without shutting down properly.
2. Power failure to unprotected systems.
3. Hardware failure.
4. Disk crash.
5. Installing an operating system (OS) patch.

Resolving The Problem

Perform the following steps as root to re-build the nsrmmdbd database:


Storage volume(s) needs to re-label and mount on appropriate device after run the ‘nsrck’ command. When re-label a volume, the original data can no longer recoverable.